PowerPoint Game Shows


  • Over 40 Game Show Templates
  • Fully customizable
  • Use your own questions and answers
  • Includes the most famous game shows of all time
  • Download your games today


You get over forty interactive PowerPoint templates featuring the most popular TV game shows ever! These PowerPoint templates can be used by you to entertain and educate your students, coworkers, and friends. The main games come ready with sound, animation, and images right from the show. Hear the game show theme music, listen to the host introduce the game, and have a great time with your own questions and answers. You get everything you need to customize run the games.

You get ALL of the following:

Smarter_than_fifth_grader_logoAre You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? – Just like the show on TV! Questions can be customized to any grade level. Includes the cheats.

DealOrNoDealHeadDeal or No Deal – Pick a case… answer a question! Which model is holding the case with your $1,000,000? Includes formula to calculate the banker’s offer.

MillionaireWho Wants To Be A Millionaire – Answer all the questions to win $1,000,000. All 3 lifelines included.

Jeopardy!_logoJeopardy – You pick the categories and the answers… contestants try to come up with the questions. Daily Double, Double Jeopardy and Final Jeopardy included.

wheel_of_fortune_logo__08678Wheel Of Fortune – Answer a question and earn the opportunity to pick a letter. Solve the puzzle to win! Includes a PowerPoint version AND a Flash Version.

The-Weakest-Link-On-Mobile-Phones-Through-I-play-2The Weakest Link – Answer the questions to break the bank, or you’ll be the weakest link… goodbye!

10000pyramidThe $10,000 Pyramid – Try your best to get to the top of the pyramid of knowledge. Winning team goes to the winner’s circle for a final challenge.

200px-Hollywood_Squares_(TV_series)_titlecardHollywood Squares – Choose a square and get the answer right, then you get the square! Chose the wrong answer, and your opponent gets the square. Our game uses current Hollywood actors and actresses. YOU ALSO can change the Hollywood Actors to who ever you want them to be (different Hollywood Stars or even you – the possibilities are endless!)

1vs100_logo1 vs 100 – It’s you versus the mob! Easily customizable for any group number (ex. 1 vs 36 or 1 vs 15, etc). Eliminate the mob to win $1 million!


YOU ALSO GET Family Feudings (just like Family Feud), Codeword (just like Password), Multiple Choice Madness, Q & A Mania, The Utimate Quiz Show, Baseball Quiz Show, Basketball Quiz Show, Twenty Questions, Fling The Teacher, 3 Racing Games, 3 Mystery Board Games (Murder Mystery, Survive, & Treasure Seekers), a new Wheel Of Fortune game, 2 Visual Games, 3 Hollywood Squares variations, 4 Jeopardy Variations, Game Show Presenter, Game Show Plus, and MORE! That’s over 40 games.

A perfect crowd-breaker, these outrageous PowerPoint slide-shows are a great way to get your group laughing, talking, and involved. You choose the questions and answers. These hilarious games use graphics, sound, and animation right from the TV game show! It makes it easy to capture your group’s attention.

DOWNLOAD TODAY! After you complete your purchase, you will also be sent a link in the email where you can download all the games! The link is usually sent within 24 hours of your completed purchase, but many times much, much sooner.

COUNTDOWN! Included is a 5 minute countdown PowerPoint slide show. Just start the countdown five, four, three, two, or even one minute before you plan to start. It’s a great way for everyone to know when you are about to start!

What You Need – Basically if you have a halfway decent computer – you’re fine. Obviously, you need PowerPoint, a little bit of room on your hard drive and you’re good to go. Really, it’s that easy! All games listed work perfectly with PowerPoint on a PC and for MAC.

Note: This are not games where you can play the games by yourself. It’s meant to be used to add your own questions and answers to play with a group using the game show’s themes.


2 thoughts on “PowerPoint Game Shows

  1. I currently own the jump start cd with all the games. I am trying to find out if there is a website that has subjects for each of the games. Also is there a way to enter the puzzles for wheel of fortune and to save them on the computer?

    1. Jon,
      The game shows are set up for you to enter in the subjects, questions, and answers. There is not any you can purchase. The games are like a framework that lets you use the games with your own questions and answers. And, to save the games to your commuter, just move the files over from the CDrom to your computer. This makes the games able to be saved on your computer. Hope I’ve helped!

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